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Reaching Florida Homeowners: What They Want in a Roofing Company and How Digital Marketing Paves the Way

Florida homeowners are meticulous when it comes to selecting a roofing company. Given the state’s unique weather patterns, they understand the importance of a sturdy, reliable roof that looks good and can withstand the harshest elements. But how do these homeowners find the right roofing or solar contractor? More importantly, what are they specifically looking for?

Understanding homeowner preferences is essential, but effectively communicating your company’s expertise and services is equally crucial. This is where a specialized digital marketing agency, like Qode Agency, plays a game-changing role.

What Florida Homeowners Seek in a Roofing Company

Expertise & Experience: Homeowners prioritize a roofing company’s knowledge and experience. They look for companies with a track record of providing durable and aesthetically pleasing roofs, ideally those familiar with Florida’s specific needs.

Transparency: Given the sizable investment involved in roofing, homeowners appreciate transparency regarding costs, materials, and timelines. They prefer companies that offer clear quotations without any hidden charges.

Responsive Customer Service: Prompt replies to queries and proactive communication throughout the project can significantly influence a homeowner’s decision. They value roofing contractors who are easy to reach and offer timely support.

Warranties & Guarantees: Homeowners seek peace of mind. Assurances that the company stands behind its work and offers warranties can be decisive.

Recommendations & Reviews: Word of mouth still holds significant sway. Homeowners often rely on online reviews, testimonials, and referrals from satisfied customers when choosing a roofing contractor.

The Digital Agency Advantage with Qode Agency

Roofing and solar contractors have immense expertise in their domain. However, they may not always know how to articulate this expertise to a potential customer. This is where Qode Agency bridges the gap. A digital agency specializing in the roofing and solar industry understands the intricacies and nuances. We can tailor the messaging and strategy to ensure roofing contractors connect with homeowners efficiently.

Answering Common Questions:

Homeowners have numerous questions, especially in Florida, where hurricane resistance, material longevity under high UV exposure, and energy efficiency are prime concerns. Qode Agency helps contractors address these queries proactively through content, ensuring homeowners feel informed and confident.

Reaching the Right Audience:

It’s not just about reaching homeowners; it’s about reaching the right homeowners – those in genuine need of roofing services. With expertly curated SEO strategies and pinpointed ad targeting on platforms like Google and Facebook, Qode Agency ensures maximum visibility among potential clients.

Holistic Digital Marketing Approach:

Digital presence isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. It requires a combination of SEO for organic search visibility, paid ads for instant outreach, and content creation for engagement and credibility. Qode Agency offers a comprehensive package that covers all these bases, giving contractors a holistic online presence.

Why A Full Digital Marketing Plan can Make The Difference

In today’s digital age, homeowners begin their search for services online. Here’s why a full-fledged digital marketing plan is essential:

Visibility: Homeowners can’t choose you if they can’t find you. SEO ensures your company appears in search results when homeowners look for roofing services.

Targeted Outreach: Paid ads allow for specific targeting based on location, demographics, and behavior. This ensures you’re reaching homeowners who are actively seeking roofing or solar services.

Engagement & Credibility: Through consistent content creation, roofing contractors can engage potential customers, offering valuable insights, and tips, and showcasing past projects. This not only positions the company as an industry leader but builds trust with homeowners.

While understanding homeowner preferences is paramount, reaching them in today’s digital-centric world requires expertise of a different kind. For roofing and solar contractors in Florida, partnering with a specialized digital marketing agency like Qode Agency ensures they’re seen, heard, and chosen by homeowners who value quality and reliability.

Don’t let your expertise go unnoticed. Elevate your online presence with Qode Agency and connect with Florida homeowners effectively!

Unveiling the 5 Challenges in Digital Marketing for Roofing and Solar Companies

Roofing and Solar Lead generation by Qode Agency

In the fast-paced digital age, generating leads for roofing and solar companies can be daunting. As a roofing and solar digital marketer, I understand the unique challenges that business owners face regarding lead generation. In this article, I will highlight the top five hurdles that often hinder roofing and solar companies’ success in digital marketing.

1- Fierce Competition

The roofing and solar industries are no strangers to competition. As a seasoned business owner, you know that standing out from the crowd is essential to attract valuable leads. In the digital realm, competition is even fiercer, with multiple companies vying for the attention of potential customers online.

At Qode Agency, we understand the intricacies of Florida’s roofing and solar markets. Our team of experts has honed their skills in crafting tailored digital marketing strategies that highlight your unique selling points. By targeting the right audience and using data-driven approaches, we ensure your roofing and solar company gets the spotlight it deserves, driving quality leads to your doorstep.

2- Navigating the Digital Landscape

For many roofing and solar business owners, digital marketing can seem like a labyrinth. From SEO and Google Ads to social media and content marketing, the plethora of options can be overwhelming. Trying to navigate the digital landscape without proper guidance can lead to wasted resources and a lackluster ROI.

With Qode Agency by your side, you can take a deep breath and let our experts guide you. We will craft a customized digital marketing plan that aligns with your goals and budget. Our down-to-earth approach simplifies the complex world of digital marketing, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional roofing and solar services.

3 – Budget Constraints

As a roofing and solar business owner, budget constraints can significantly hinder effective lead generation. Allocating resources to various marketing channels while ensuring optimal results can be challenging. Many business owners find themselves compromising on their marketing efforts to manage expenses.

At Qode Agency, we believe in transparency and honesty. We work closely with you to create a marketing plan that maximizes your budget’s impact. Our data-driven strategies enable us to allocate resources where they matter most, ensuring that every dollar you invest yields substantial returns.

4 – Time Constraints

Running a roofing and solar company is no easy feat, and you likely find yourself juggling multiple responsibilities daily. Finding the time to manage digital marketing campaigns effectively can be a struggle. Consistency in online efforts is crucial to building brand recognition and attracting leads, but it often takes a backseat amid the demands of daily operations.

By partnering with us, you can reclaim your time and focus on your core business. Our team becomes an extension of yours, handling all aspects of your digital marketing with utmost dedication. We’ve got your back from content creation and social media management to lead tracking and optimization.

5- Measuring ROI

The digital realm offers numerous marketing avenues, but measuring the return on investment (ROI) can be perplexing. Determining the effectiveness of different campaigns and understanding which strategies drive real results can be puzzling.

We believe in transparency and accountability. We provide comprehensive analytics and reports that break down the performance of your digital marketing efforts. By monitoring key metrics and adjusting strategies accordingly, we ensure that your marketing budget is allocated to channels that yield the highest ROI.

Why Choose Qode Agency?

We are not your typical digital marketing company. We are roofing and solar specialists who understand the intricacies of your industry. Here’s why we stand out from the crowd:

We are not your typical digital marketing company. We are roofing and solar specialists who understand the intricacies of your industry. Here’s why we stand out from the crowd:

SEO, Google Ads and Design Company: Qode Agency

Tailored Strategies: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Our team crafts customized digital marketing strategies that align with your business goals and target your ideal customers.

Data-Driven Decisions: Our strategies are backed by data and insights. We continually analyze performance to optimize your campaigns and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Transparent Reporting: No hidden fees or surprises. We provide transparent reports that showcase the impact of our efforts, empowering you to make informed decisions.

A Team You Can Trust: With Qode Agency, you gain a dedicated team of experts who genuinely care about your success. We work tirelessly to generate quality leads and drive growth for your roofing and solar business.

As a digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience, we know business owners’ challenges in lead generation. At Qode Agency, we understand your needs and have the experience and expertise to easily navigate the digital landscape. With our data-driven approach, we can help your roofing and solar company thrive in the digital realm.

Take the first step towards success and book a call with us today!

The New Google Page Experience Algorithm and How it Will Affect SEO

Page Experience and SEO in Tampa Florida

The Google Page Experience algorithm is launching in 2021 and it presents several different changes that you and your business need to know about.

To remain on top of the listings or to continue moving up them, you need to understand how these algorithms will affect SEO in Tampa and across North America:


Page Experience is a new algorithm that will affect many various signals in Google Search including safe browsing, mobile-friendliness, pop-up ads and HTTPS. In addition, numerous metrics will also be affected in Web Vitals including interactivity, visual stability, and loading speed. Site owners should be aware of and prepare for these new algorithms by implementing changes on their websites immediately.


  • Mobile optimization
  • Improved page speeds
  • CTAs (calls to action)
  • Image alt texts

These algorithm changes will influence the rankings of many websites. As a part of the launch, Web Vitals has been introduced to help site owners and webmasters measure the overall user experience of the site to improve it. The new algorithm will have a direct impact on SEO strategies.

Page Experience takes into account how users interact with different pages and how painful or good the experience is for them. Web Vitals will show you the loading speed of your website pages and how fast they can be loaded by others. In terms of interactivity, it will let you know how long it takes for a user to start interacting with the page with either a tap or a click. Visual stability is measured by how much unexpected and perhaps annoying page content movement there is.


Google estimates that the bounce rate by mobile visitors to a page goes up by 123% if the page takes 10 seconds or longer to load. If there are too many elements appearing on the page, this can have a major impact on loading times and also negatively affects conversion rates. It’s also estimated that the drop in conversion rates can be as high as 95%. Not only can this affect SEO, but it will also hinder your conversion and bounce rates.

Page Experience takes all of the aspects mentioned above and groups them into one. This means that all of these factors will have an even greater impact on the search results. It’s also important to note that by 2022 Google plans to introduce a new visual indicator that will show up on these organic search results to show the websites that are meeting the upgraded specifications. This is why it’s so vitally important to address SEO issues now before it’s too late to prevent your site from losing its ranking capabilities.


Google has mentioned that it is still critically important to have great content on the page. Even if the experience on a page is really good, it doesn’t override the fact that the content must be great. Overall, this means that if you have good content on your site and it is similar to other relevant content on the web, your page will show up before others if it is optimized well and the other pages haven’t been optimized.

The new Page Experience can give you the upper hand when it comes to your search engine rankings. By simply being aware of the new changes and acting on them quickly, you can set yourself up for more success. The key is to act on these upcoming algorithms by using optimization techniques on your site as quickly as possible.

The goal is to create a fantastic user experience on your website, which typically increases engagement. Any site that doesn’t conform to these new benchmarks is sure to be left behind. This will influence traffic and ultimately conversion rates.

With the implementation of the new visual signals that will be shown to users on Google Search, users will be able to see which sites will offer them a positive experience. It’s expected that people that are browsing through the search results looking for something specific will look for these signs and skip over any pages that don’t have the specific Page Experience symbol. Simply put, if your site isn’t optimized correctly and you don’t get the symbol appearing beside your search results, your page is going to be ignored.

The first thing you need to do is to gain a better understanding of the different metrics that Google plans to use, which include:

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)

While Google has introduced many new algorithms in the past, there has never been one like this one before that is going to be guiding users so powerfully. This algorithm can lower rankings fast like the previous ones but it also gives users more knowledge about the sites they should be visiting and which ones should be ignored. Users will be making their decisions regarding which sites to visit based on this algorithm and the symbols they see when they are conducting their searches.

Google has provided excellent explanations of all these terms and how they are measured. When you know them, you’ll have the ability to do an audit of your site and get your site optimized for the new signals.

This will take some time, however, and it can get quite confusing. The best thing you can do is work with an experienced Tampa SEO company that can do the required optimizations quickly. Page Experience is going to be a game-changer for search engine optimization and the time to act is now. There has never been a better time to get in touch with an SEO agency in Tampa to get help with your website. When you’re looking for a reputable and highly experienced digital agency in Tampa please visit our website at to learn more. We are a leading, results-driven SEO company in Florida with an impeccable reputation so you know that you can trust us with your valuable business website.

YouTube Has Updated Its Terms of Service – How This Will Affect Social Media for Business

Video Ads and Youtube marketing in Tampa by Qode Agency

YouTube has recently updated its Terms of Service in order to provide more transparency and clarity about its terms to its users. According to YouTube, the changes involved shouldn’t alter social media for business significantly. The major changes that were announced by the company include the following:

  • Restrictions on facial recognition
  • The right to monetize by YouTube
  • Tax withholdings and royalty payments

On June 1, 2021, the new terms and conditions will start to take effect for any users that are located outside the USA. These terms were earlier updated similarly in the US in November 2020. Anyone that continues to use the YouTube platform after June 1, 2021 anywhere in the world, is agreeing to the changes made with the terms. As well, if a person has a child or children and they are allowed to continue accessing YouTube Kids, the parents are agreeing to these new terms for their child or children.

According to the existing Terms of Service, any information regarding a person’s identity cannot be collected without first getting their permission. This has always included information regarding facial recognition but the term changes have made this abundantly clear.

Any content that is placed on the YouTube platform can be monetized. YouTube has the right to this monetization on the platform and ads can be shown on videos from channels that aren’t already a part of the YouTube Partner Program.

If you are using YouTube as a social media for business platform and are entitled to receive revenue payments, they will be treated from an American tax perspective as royalties. This means that taxes will be withheld by Google where and when the law requires them to be held back.


Moving forward from June, any content that has been created by an individual that has not yet enrolled for the Partner Program with YouTube will also have advertisements running. These are ads that have been curated by YouTube. Any videos that are not linked to the Partner Program will still have the ads running but the owners of these videos won’t be able to earn any type of revenue from the promotions.

In terms of social media optimization, it just makes sense to ensure that you have signed up for the YouTube Partner Program. There are going to be ads running on your videos from now on so you might as well earn some money from them. Like it or not, this is the way things are going to be operating beginning on June 1, 2021.

In order to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, an individual must have at least 1,000 subscribers. In addition, there must be 4,000 public watch hours that are valid within the previous 12 months. If you haven’t reached that threshold yet, you may want to get started with some YouTube social media optimization so that you can reach that point as quickly as possible.

When you use YouTube as a platform, you are giving the company the right to monetize the content you provide on this service. This monetization can include ads being displayed within videos or on content or can occur through charging a user fee for accessing specific videos. At the same time, this agreement doesn’t entitle you to payments. Any payments that you might be entitled to get from YouTube including payments under the YouTube Super Chat, Partner Program or Channel memberships will be treated as royalties. The payments will be subject to tax laws and Google will have the right to withhold taxes as required by the law.

According to many observers in the industry, this new change has been motivated by revenue channels that have been growing quickly due to YouTube advertisements. In the last March quarter of 2021, the parent company of Google, by the name of Alphabet, earned $6 billion from advertising on YouTube. This involved a 49% rise in year-over-year growth. Several global brands such as Kellogg’s and Taco Bell saw a huge benefit by reaching a wider audience through the YouTube platform.

Linear TV can’t reach the masses like it used to and is considered to be more of an old fashioned approach. Advertisers are turning to YouTube to find an audience that is unreachable in any other way. Statistics show that there are more people aged 18 years to 49 years that are watching YouTube than all forms of linear TV combined. This is huge in terms of how much reach a company can have and is influencing the way businesses are marketing their products.


YouTube’s reach can’t be overlooked by creators of content according to industry observers. Businesses should be looking at all of their options in terms of marketing and using a social media management company when help is required. With more than 2 billion users logging into YouTube each month and more than a billion hours of videos watched on the platform every day, this is one social platform that should be addressed by companies of all types. This is where your audience is and you can run YouTube ads easily with the help and expertise of social media management specialists in Tampa.

There has been year-over-year growth of approximately 65% in terms of the number of YouTube channels that have more than 1 million subscribers. The aggregate payout to YouTube partners that have been monetizing the YouTube channel is more than $2 billion USD.

It’s important to read through the new updated terms and conditions carefully to make sure you understand the business model and all of the rules and guidelines that apply. If you have any further questions regarding these new terms and how they can affect your social media for business advertising efforts, please contact us now at We are a social media management agency in Tampa that connects businesses to social platforms in order to extend their reach. Find out how we can help your business expand using this direct advertising model on YouTube and on other social media channels.

How to Boost Your Rankings with Videos

Digital marketing Tampa - Qode Agency

Video has become an extremely effective SEO technique that can help your website move up the rankings in Google. The algorithm that Google uses reflects the importance of video content to increase engagement on your site. Some experts believe that by the year 2022, 80% of the content on web pages will be video.


SEO involves raising your ranking on search engines and YouTube is a search engine in itself. It’s worth the time and effort to create and release videos on this site since they can very well appear on other search sites as well. You can also make comments on content released by other people to get more backlinks for your site.

Your videos must be optimized with the proper tags, titles, metadata, and descriptions to ensure maximum exposure and visibility. The title should include the keywords that have the ability to rank on Google search results as well. Scatter the keywords throughout the title and create interesting and engaging copy that can be used as your metadata.

Social Sharing
When you create excellent videos they have the chance of becoming viral on social media platforms, which will increase the visibility of your site and help to raise conversions. One example of using videos for marketing is to make a launch video for a new product that is engaging enough to be shared by others.

Website Video
Use videos on your website to demonstrate how your product works, introduce a new product into the market, present your services or show others testimonials that others have left. This can give your business the necessary boost it needs by convincing consumers that they should go ahead and make a purchase based on the information they have just witnessed. Google encourages having videos on websites and has mentioned that separate pages should be created for each video since it makes indexing easier for them. Also, be aware of the latest trends and updates by Youtube.

Don’t underestimate the importance of video marketing and the effect it can have on your SEO efforts. You must make sure, however, to create high-quality videos, since optimized keywords and the right metadata can only go so far. Without quality videos, your efforts will be in vain. Create videos on a regular basis so that followers can know when to expect them. This will help increase your brand loyalty, the number of followers and your video exposure will begin to explode on the search results.

Common SEO Questions for Beginners

Quality search engine optimization is essential for anyone running an online business since it helps you get noticed. If you are new to running a business online, then you likely have some questions about SEO. Here are some common questions related to search engine optimization that are often raised by beginners.

Search engines like Google and Bing are huge sources of traffic for websites. You can draw in some traffic from social media platforms like Facebook but search engines are still used more often to find things online. In most cases, if someone is looking for a product or service online, their search begins online to find what they are looking for. If most people are turning to the web to find products there is all the more reason to optimize your site so you can be found easily.

Many beginners wonder if it is even possible to rank on a search engine without doing any SEO. For now, however, the only way you are going to accomplish this is through quality SEO. Without SEO you are doing your business a disservice since potential customers would not be able to find you.

If you have zero knowledge of SEO or do not have time to learn it you’ll need to invest in an SEO expert to help you. Hiring an expert is an excellent investment since they can focus on SEO while you concentrate on the other aspects of your business. Additionally, since SEO is ever-changing, an expert will stay on top of these changes so your site will be able to adapt. An SEO expert can offer a wide range of benefits.


Use the sort of language that is relatable, simple, and gets your point across. No need to try to impress your audience with a thesaurus – aim to be technical enough to explain an advanced concept in a simple way. If your reader needs to stop to analyze the robotic text that’s laid out before them, Google will likely penalize you.

One well-written blog post is infinitely better than several poorly written blog posts. Not only does it reflect better on you to have quality content, but unnecessary content will also go ignored by search engines like Google and Bing.

The internet is a never-ending information ocean. If you want to make your mark, you’re going to have to be persistent. Try reposting your content in several locations – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc. The more coverage it gets, the better. You can repost a blog post 2-3 times to your Facebook page.

Because we know that you have better things to do than work out content strategies, such as running your business, let us handle your website’s SEO for you. If you want to learn more about how we can ensure your website ranks on Google and Bing, give us a call today.