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How to Boost Your Rankings with Videos

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Video has become an extremely effective SEO technique that can help your website move up the rankings in Google. The algorithm that Google uses reflects the importance of video content to increase engagement on your site. Some experts believe that by the year 2022, 80% of the content on web pages will be video.


SEO involves raising your ranking on search engines and YouTube is a search engine in itself. It’s worth the time and effort to create and release videos on this site since they can very well appear on other search sites as well. You can also make comments on content released by other people to get more backlinks for your site.

Your videos must be optimized with the proper tags, titles, metadata, and descriptions to ensure maximum exposure and visibility. The title should include the keywords that have the ability to rank on Google search results as well. Scatter the keywords throughout the title and create interesting and engaging copy that can be used as your metadata.

Social Sharing
When you create excellent videos they have the chance of becoming viral on social media platforms, which will increase the visibility of your site and help to raise conversions. One example of using videos for marketing is to make a launch video for a new product that is engaging enough to be shared by others.

Website Video
Use videos on your website to demonstrate how your product works, introduce a new product into the market, present your services or show others testimonials that others have left. This can give your business the necessary boost it needs by convincing consumers that they should go ahead and make a purchase based on the information they have just witnessed. Google encourages having videos on websites and has mentioned that separate pages should be created for each video since it makes indexing easier for them. Also, be aware of the latest trends and updates by Youtube.

Don’t underestimate the importance of video marketing and the effect it can have on your SEO efforts. You must make sure, however, to create high-quality videos, since optimized keywords and the right metadata can only go so far. Without quality videos, your efforts will be in vain. Create videos on a regular basis so that followers can know when to expect them. This will help increase your brand loyalty, the number of followers and your video exposure will begin to explode on the search results.